Project Management

APT will delegate Qualified Consultants to facilitate the implementation of the various activities for the Project with all the concerned Staff. The Overall Objective for the Project Management is to ensure through facilitation of Change Management – that the Project is deployed successfully and in a timely manner.

Deployment consists of actual adoption of the new practices as well as spreading awareness about those practices throughout the Organization.

The Project Management entails the following activities:

  • Forming the Project Teams assigned for the implementation of the various optimized processes
  • Holding Regular meetings with the Project Teams to:
    • Agree on “Who should do what and when” to implement the Optimized Processes
    • Produce the Project Plans
    • Communicate the Project Plans to various stakeholders
    • Follow up with the various Stakeholders for proper and timely implementation
    • Revise the Project Plans whenever applicable
  • Conducting regular briefing Sessions to Management to update them about the progress of the Implementation of the various Project Plans.
  • Taking – whenever applicable – the necessary corrective measures based on the discussion with Management
  • Conducting Training Workshops to spread awareness about the optimized processes among employees