Knowledge base

APT Knowledge Wealth in the area of excellence (Best Practices, Benchmarks)

APT has successfully developed several times all the methodologies required by EFQM based on:

  • International Best Practices (Acquired from EFQM, and the “Institute of Management Consultants USA” networks)
  • EFQM guidelines for methodologies
  • APT different Client Organizations specific business activities and environment

APT has participated in all major EFQM knowledge sharing conferences such as:

  • June 2008, Philips Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Topic: People Engagement
  • October 2008, European Foundation for Quality Management. Paris, France. Topic: Lasting Footprint
  • June 2009, University of Rome, Italy. Topic: Service Innovation
  • Sept 2009, European Foundation of Quality Management. Paris, France. Topic: Power of Connected World

Through its active participation in all EFQM events in Europe, APT has built a network with professionals from the best organizations in Europe (around 150 Organizations) that are adopting and applying EFQM. Through this network, APT has access to the Best International Practices related to all aspects of Excellence as described in the EFQM model. Furthermore, APT has built a database of best practices from the numerous EFQM projects conducted in the UAE.

General Consultancy Competencies and Code of Ethics

Through its Managing Partner, APT is certified by the ‘Institute of Management Consultants’ (IMC USA). Less than 1% of Consultants in the World have achieved this level of certification. All APT Staff are trained on the IMC USA ‘Code of Ethics’ and ‘Consulting Competency Framework’ thus enabling them to:

  • Deliver ‘World Class’ consultancy services
  • Adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics