About APT Facilitators

APT Facilitators is an International Management Consulting firm that has supported around 30 percent of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE Federal Government Entities in various improvement projects such as Strategic Planning, Leadership Coaching, Business Excellence, Quality and Reputation Management. APT has successfully executed in excess of 100 Large Consulting Projects in the Public and Private Sectors (in the Police, Finance, Judicial, Tourism, Municipal, Roads and Transport, Civil Aviation, Culture, Humanitarian, Shipping,Media Free Zones, Foreign Trade, Rehabilitation, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Services, Retail & Trading Sectors). Our clients spread over 4 continents: North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

APT combines its excellent track record of successfully executing long term consulting projects with the cutting edge knowledge of its World Best Subject Matter Experts to offer you:

  • The most innovative and updated Management Practices
  • Hands-on support to ensure proper deployment and effective adoption throughout your organization of the recommended best practices
  • Internal capacity building through effective knowledge transfer to your internal resources.

APT is a leader in the development of the Consulting Profession at the international level. For examples:

  • APT Chairman is a Board Member of the Institute of Management Consulting USA (IMC USA) and the Lead Trustee of IMC USA to the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)
  • In October 2011, APT Chairman, delivered a keynote speech about “The Future of the Management Consultant Profession” during the Institute of Management Consultants Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada, USA. Follow this link to view an excerpt of the speech
  • APT Chairman is a “Certified Management Consultant” (CMC) from the “Institute of Management Consultants” (IMC USA) . Less than 1% of Consultants in the World have achieved this level of Certification. All APT Staff are trained on the IMC USA “Code of Ethics” and “Consulting Competency Framework” thus enabling them to:
    • deliver “World Class” consultancy services
    • adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics

APT key achievements include:

  • Completed successfully 100 large consulting projects in different sectors: Police, Finance, Judicial, Tourism, Municipal, Roads and Transport, Civil Aviation, Culture, Humanitarian, Shipping, Media Free Zones, Foreign Trade, Rehabilitation, Banking, Manufacturing, Services, Retail & Trading
  • APT clients list includes Multinational and Regional Organizations
  • Worked for Clients located in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa
  • Provided strategic planning support for many high profile organizations such as the Dubai Department of Finance, Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Leighton Offshore Middle East
  • Supported many large Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Federal Government Entities towards compliance with EFQM such as Dubai Roads and Transport Authority
  • Helped high profile government entities manage their reputation
  • Supported private organizations towards winning Dubai Quality Award (For example Al-Khaleej Sugar – The largest Sugar Refinery in the World)
  • Helped organizations win MRM Business Award (For example Apparel Group – a Big Retailer with more than 500 Outlets and 43 Brands – in 2007)
  • Helped organizations get ISO certifications (For example the UAE Ministry of Foreign Trade; Al-Ain Municipality; Faisal Jassim Trading and Simsari)
  • APT improved productivity up to 50% in many projects (For example for ART Pay TV – The Biggest Pay TV company in the Middle East and North Africa)